Review of Datacamp’s Introduction to R

Review of Datacamp’s Introduction to R

Introduction to R course is a good course to get started with R. It gives a good practical introduction over the usage of data provide in form of Vectors, Matrices, Factors, Data Frames and Lists. All topics mentioned have a set of exercises with an interesting story associated with them. Things you’ll be doing throughout this 4 hour course are:-

  • Naming columns and rows in the data-set.


  • Manipulation of data(Adding data to rows or columns)


  • Performing arithmetic operations on the data.


  • Ordering of data


So the take away from the course would be you’ll have a good understanding over basic operations in R and be able to work on data belonging to different classes.  R now has become a leading programming language in data science. Most statisticians like to work on it due to its high simplicity and less programming involved.

Hence due to its wider usage and extensive features R is a must know language for every aspiring data scientist.


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