CNN Ecosphere- A magnificent work on Data Visualization

CNN Ecosphere- A magnificent work on Data Visualization

In Data Science, a skill which distinguishes you as a Data Scientist from statisticians, programmers or database engineers is how well you are able to communicate your results and findings. Most of the time people whom you have to explain your results don’t have knowledge about Analytics. So delivering mere numbers is not a good idea. Apart from that, understanding the data is imperative for data scientists to do Analytics over it. Hence, Data Visualization is not just essential for communicating results but also to get insights from data.

CNN Ecosphere involves exploratory data analysis which involves Twitter visualization that aims to reveal how the online discussion is evolving around the topic of climate change.

This visualization consists of an interactive 3D globe, that closely resembles the look and behavior of real plants and trees in nature. These plants and trees grow from the tweets that are hash tagged with COP17. With increasing discussions on a specific topic, the plant or the tree which is associated with that topic grows.

Hence meaningful interpretations can be developed from huge amount of data through Visualization, which would not be possible just by looking at rows or columns in Dataset.


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