First day Internship at Decisionstats

First day Internship at Decisionstats


Today I’ve started my internship at Decisionstats. I was briefed by Ajay Ohri, founder, that this internship is going to be all about learning and I’ll be writing about things which are useful for others as well. During this two months internship I’ll be assisting him in solving problems here “” and developing open source tutorials for them. He explained that the purpose of doing this is that everyone can learn from it and will also help in elevating my data science brand value.

Ajay firmly believes that a Data Scientist becomes a Data Scientist when people start recognizing him as one. He said that it is imperative to have an online presence if you want to get in Data Science. Here more than knowledge, a parameter which will distinguish someone who is getting paid 10 million from people who get 1 million is how strong his online presence is. Even if a 1 million earning guy has the same knowledge as compared to a 10 million guy, it is highly likely that the latter has a very strong brand value.

I didn’t have a Github account, so the prime task given to me was to setup my Github. He well appreciated my blogging habit. During this internship I’ll be primarily working on Python, R and SAS. I am looking forward to get the best out of this internship and it feels great to learn tips and tricks of the trade from a Data Science Expert.

Blogs written by past interns at Decisionstats are quite commendable-:


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