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Recommender Systems Simplified

Recommender Systems Simplified

Almost every regular internet user has now become accustomed to personalized recommendations. Everyone is familiar with Recommender Systems  on ecommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart but there are also some more sophisticated systems in space. Netflix suggests videos to watch. TiVo records programs on its own, just in case we’re interested. Pandora builds personalized music streams by predicting what song user is interested in listening. All these enterprises use Recommender Systems to enhance customer experience whenever a user uses their service.

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Playing around with Box and Whisker plot.

Playing around with Box and Whisker plot.

Box and Whisker plot or commonly known as Box Plot, is a very useful and one of the most informative data visualization used to show the distribution at a glance. So it is a good visualization for data scientists to use it in their analysis.

Let us understand how to read a Box Plot. Suppose you are conducting a survey for a product X, that how many times users have used it in the past week. And then you plot the collected data using Box Plot.

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Regression analysis with R

R is a great tool for quick visualization and playing around with the data. Here I’ll use Boston data over which I’ll do some visualization using ggplot2 library and then will use one machine learning algrorithm.


You can find the detailed description in its documentation using:-


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