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Internship Experience of working in DecisionStats

I have completed almost 2 months of internship in DecisionStats. It has been a great learning experience. This internship helped me in improving a wide range of skills like programming, analytics, statistics etc. Every morning I was given an Assignment by Ajay Ohri, my guide during the internship, which I was supposed to finish by evening. A typical assignment involves understanding a concept and writing code.

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Performing Data analytics with Jupyter(formerly ipython)

Performing Data analytics with Jupyter(formerly ipython)

A Jupyter Notebook contains both computer code (e.g. python, mysql) and rich text elements (paragraph, equations, figures, links, etc…) which are both human-readable documents containing the analysis description and the results (figures, tables, etc..) as well as executable documents which can be run to perform data analysis. It’s really helpful if you want to communicate your code or results to others and provides a great developing environment.

To get started  install Anaconda on your machine
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First day Internship at Decisionstats

First day Internship at Decisionstats


Today I’ve started my internship at Decisionstats. I was briefed by Ajay Ohri, founder, that this internship is going to be all about learning and I’ll be writing about things which are useful for others as well. During this two months internship I’ll be assisting him in solving problems here “https://github.com/decisionstats/pythonfordatascience” and developing open source tutorials for them. He explained that the purpose of doing this is that everyone can learn from it and will also help in elevating my data science brand value.

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